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Produces Large Amounts Of Popcorn Quickly.

Maxi Matic Popcorn MakerAs a company with a 25 year history Maxi-Matic is a provider of small kitchen appliances and household items. The company strives to provide the best world  class products under names such as Elite Cuisine, Elite Gourmet and Elite Platinum. They are also a US based business with its corporate headquarters being located in Los Angeles, California.

The Maxi-Matic popcorn machine is available as a table top model or as a popcorn maker cart in kettle sizes of 2.5, 8 and 10 ounces. These popcorn machines are also highly rated by the folks that purchased them carrying an average rating of 4.24 stars on Amazon .com. So let’s jump in and take a closer look at each model of these popcorn poppers

Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley

The Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley comes in kettle sizes of 8 and 10 ounces and stands a total of 5 feet tall. The addition of a Maxi-Matic Popcorn Popperto your home theater or business is a great way to have delicious hot oil popped popcorn available to you, your family or your customers. Here is an overview of the features you’ll find on the Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley.

  • Available in 8 and 10 ounce kettle sizes and capable of popping up to 3 gallons of popcorn at a time.
  • The kettles are detachable stainless steel with a stirring mechanism.
  • This Maxi-Matic Machine incorporates a warming light as well as a bottom warmer to keep your popcorn warm and fresh for hours.
  • The 10 ounce model utilizes two switches (Power on and warmer) and the 8 ounce model three switches (Warmer, kettle heater and stirrer).
  • Cart can be removed so the machine can then be used as a tabletop unit.
  • The cart comes with a handrail, serving platform and popcorn storage compartment.
  • Accessories include salt shaker, popcorn scoop, measuring cup and spoon.
  • Comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Old Fashioned Popcorn Trolley
Old Fashioned Trolley
10 Ounce Red Model (Currently Unavailable)
8 Ounce Red Model
8 Ounce Black Model

Maxi-Matic Old Fashioned Table Top Machine

The Maxi-Matic Old Fashioned Table Top Machine comes in both 4 and 6 ounce kettle sizes and stands almost 24 inches tall. If you don’t have room for a full popcorn maker cart the tabletop machine is a great alternative, while not having the larger kettle size it will pop up to 2 gallons of popcorn at once.

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Old Fashioned Table Top Machine.

Maxi-Matic Elite Tabletop Retro-Style

This model of Maxi-Matic  is the smallest unit They offer utilizing a 2.5 ounce kettle and standing a little over 20 inches tall. This small popcorn machine will still turn out up to a gallon of popcorn in a single popping. Here is an overview of the features you’ll find on the Maxi-Matic Elite Tabletop Retro-Style.

  • This is a hot oil popcorn popper with a retro styling that will fit in with just about any décor.
  • Incorporates a 2.5 ounce kettle with a built in stirring system.
  • Utilizes two switch operations (1 for the kettle and one for the warming light).
  • Pull out crumb and unpopped kernel tray for easy cleaning.
  • The warming light will keep your freshly popped popcorn warm and fresh for hours.

No matter which Maxi-Matic Popcorn Machine you choose it will provide you with gallon upon gallon of fresh hot oil popped popcorn. If you’re looking to take family movie night to a new level, provide popcorn for an upcoming event or even just give your businesses customers a reason to come back, then a Maxi-Matic machine may be just what the doctor ordered.

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